“There’s an app for that.” There is an application service offering to address almost any need; including: Invoicing, Billing, Accounting, Help Desk, Scheduling, Time Tracking, Project Management, etc. We work with our clients to enable them to effectively use application services for their industry; tools of the trade.

Our technology coaching service includes streamlining of application services being used. We help to identify options for addressing unmet needs (gaps). Additionally, we reduce the level of effort to manage application services; including, management of application services’ credentials.


Community coaching sessions are scheduled throughout the year covering technologies based on the demand our clients; all are welcome. These sessions are primarily virtual, however, in-person sessions are also available.


Group-based coaching specific to a client organization and industry. Options for sessions include: on-site, off-site, virtual, and mix mode.


Dedicated, one-on-one, coaching specific to the needs of the individual. Options for sessions include: in-person and virtual.