At YatinBoots, connectivity is our sole priority. We work with freelancers, non-profit associations, entrepreneurs and owners to devise technology-based, customer-driven solutions that put the focus back on their customers instead of operations.

Our Mission

YatinBoots’ mission is to create value for our clients by better connecting them to their customers.

YatinBoots is helping us focus on developing our kids by engaging them in active learning experiences through the use of Google Chrome devices and educational apps.
— Esther D., Executive and Education Director, Glorious and Gifted Early Childhood Center

What We've Achieved

YatinBoots’ connectivity-as-a-service solutions enables the starting, operating, and growing an integrated, agile, and mobile organization. Our getting started roadmap lays the groundwork for the migration and implementation of services tailored to meet the distinctive needs of the organization. From improving productivity, eliminating silos and duplication, to extending functionalities; your organization will benefit from YatinBoots' industry knowledge and expertise.

Our approach is to provide services that:

  1. Meets a need;
  2. Can be integrated into existing processes; and
  3. Are scalable, reliable, and secure.